Carnival of Improv: Getting to Know You

It’s our first Carnival of Improv Blogging! Here’s how these things are going to work:

  1. One of our fine editors will post a topic that they would like everyone to write about.
  2. Head to your little corner of the internet and write something about that topic.
  3. Publish that thing so anyone can see it.
  4. Leave a link to that thing here in the comments before the due date.
  5. The editor in charge will read all the entries, and write up a nice post summarizing and linking to as many of them as possible.
  6. Read what your fellow improvisers have written and start commenting! If you can’t comment on their blog, go ahead and comment on ours.

Our first topic will be “Getting to Know You.” All we need is a post that lets us know a little more about you, both as an improviser and just as a person. We’d love to know where and how you got your start in improv, and all the things that have lead you to where you are today. Again, post a link to your writings in the comments below before Sunday, September 2, and on September 3, I will post the round-up.

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